Introducing Cyber Umbrella: A Revolutionary Initiative to Safeguard American Businesses from Cyber Threats

Introducing Cyber Umbrella

October 01, 20232 min read

[Florida, October 2023] — In response to the growing threat of cyber attacks, a new player has entered the cybersecurity arena. Cyber Umbrella, founded as a modern-day Paul Revere, is on a mission to alert and protect businesses across America from the impending dangers of cyber threats. 

"The cyber attack is coming, the cyber attack is coming!" is the rallying cry of Cyber Umbrella, emphasizing the urgency and importance of fortifying organizations against potential cyber threats. 

"We believe every business in America should be tested as soon as possible, given the rise in technology and the malicious activities of cybercriminals," said Michael Benson, the founder of the Cyber Umbrella movement. "The man in the middle attack is just one example of the many threats businesses face. These dangerous hackers are playing the long game, gathering information, and exploiting vulnerabilities. It's time for businesses to be proactive in securing their networks and protecting their customers." To empower businesses in shoring up their defenses, Cyber Umbrella has successfully negotiated a groundbreaking offer — a free penetration test for organizations on up to five computers. 

Typically valued at $997.00, this comprehensive penetration test will be conducted under Cyber Umbrella's negotiated terms. Businesses interested in securing their digital infrastructure can now obtain a free test code from Cyber Umbrella, allowing them to assess their vulnerabilities without the associated cost. 

Upon completion of the assessment, organizations will receive a detailed report along with a mitigation plan if necessary. At Cyber Umbrella, transparency is paramount, and the organization acknowledges the value of the services provided. While there is no obligation to donate, Cyber Umbrella encourages businesses that find value in the assessment to make a small contribution. This voluntary support will aid Cyber Umbrella in its mission to extend free testing services to as many American businesses as possible. 

Cyber Umbrella stands as a beacon of defense, not only offering protection but also fostering a community dedicated to fortifying the nation's digital infrastructure. The founders are committed to raising awareness and ensuring that businesses are equipped to face the challenges of an increasingly digitized world. 

Join Cyber Umbrella in the fight against cyber threats, and let's build a more resilient and secure future for American businesses. 

 For press inquiries or to learn more about Cyber Umbrella, please contact: 

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Michael Benson 

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About Cyber Umbrella 

Cyber Umbrella is a pioneering initiative dedicated to alerting and safeguarding businesses across America from the imminent threats of cyber-attacks. Founded on the principles of transparency and community, Cyber Umbrella offers free penetration testing services and encourages voluntary contributions to support its mission of securing the digital landscape for all. Visit to learn more. 

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