Cyber Umbrella Empowers Dental Practices with Free Penetration Testing Grants

Cyber Umbrella Empowers Dental Practices with Free Penetration Testing Grants

May 01, 20242 min read

In a significant move to bolster cybersecurity in the dental industry, Cyber Umbrella, a nonprofit organization, has awarded penetration testing grants to 20 dentists at the recent PEAK Event hosted by the Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry (PAGD). This initiative aims to protect consumer data by identifying vulnerabilities in dental practice IT systems.

Michael Benson, founder of Cyber Umbrella, emphasized the critical nature of this effort: "Healthcare is a top target for cyberattacks, and dental practices have become a primary focus within the healthcare industry." The organization's goal is to reveal hidden vulnerabilities and prevent dental offices from operating under a false sense of security.

The timing of this initiative is crucial, as the FBI recently warned the American Dental Association about specific hacks targeting dental practices, projecting a 300% increase in small business attacks this year. Cyber Umbrella's grants provide comprehensive third-party penetration tests and risk assessment reports, services that typically cost thousands of dollars.

Cyber Umbrella, a division of the nonprofit Love Vision Inc, is extending its offer beyond PAGD members. The organization is now receiving grant requests from across the country, reflecting growing nationwide concern about cybersecurity in the dental sector.

The importance of these penetration tests extends beyond immediate security concerns. Many cyber insurance companies now require annual third-party testing as a condition for approving future claims. Additionally, these tests could influence potential HIPAA fines in the event of a breach.

Dental practice owners are encouraged to apply for the Pen Testing Grant while funds are still available. Cyber Umbrella's mission aligns with the growing need for robust cybersecurity measures in healthcare, aiming to protect the thousands of personal records entrusted to each practice.

As part of their ongoing efforts, Cyber Umbrella is inviting all Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) and dentists to attend the Greater New York Dental Meeting at the Jacob Javits Center in December 2024. This event will provide an opportunity for dental professionals to meet Michael Benson in person and discuss cybersecurity challenges facing the industry.

With cyberattacks on the rise, initiatives like Cyber Umbrella's grant program play a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive patient data and ensuring the security of dental practices across America.

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